Alternative Genesis 1:3

This verse is quite straightforward except for the term = 'or' which had a standard meaning of 'light'. It is clearly a statement by the Shining Ones that they wanted light - but, in our context, they had all the light that they needed. What they were short of was enlightenment; they needed enlightenment about conditions in the unexplored Lowlands - a land that they had only seen from the air - in order to make a decision whether the area was suitable for agricultural development.

We are encouraged in making this interpretation by reference to the Urim. This was a device, carried in Aaron's breast-pocket, which enabled him to communicate with Yahweh at a distance - in effect, to obtain enlightenment from Yahweh on how to deal with the problems of the day. Urim is a plural word, of which the singular form is = 'light' or 'enlightenment'.

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)

God said, 'Let there be light', and there was light.

The Shining Ones said, 'Let us enlighten ourselves' [concerning this land] ø and they explored it.

We believe that the Shining Ones decided to start by exploring the Highlands in the hope of finding a suitable place for their principal agriculturally-based Settlement; they intended to leave the exploration of the Lowlands (the Jordan Valley) until later. This would have been dependent on a successful reconnaissance of the Highlands.

Substantial Evidence