Alternative Genesis 2:2

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)

On the seventh day God completed the work that he had been doing. He rested on the seventh day after all the work he had been doing.

With that sixth day (stage), the Shining Ones completed all the work that they had to do After that seventh day (stage), they ceased working, with their labours completed.

The term unquestionably, meant 'sixth'; but the Jerusa-lem Bible's reference to the seventh day at the beginning of the verse is an acceptable licence.

It has been one of the enigmas of these passages that, despite the use of the terms 'evening and morning', it is clear from the Sumerian account that the Garden in Eden was established in six earthly days.

The Akkadian Atra-hasis writes of the lordlings toiling for 'forty sanatim, night and day', on the construction of the great watercourse - but no one knows the duration of a sanat. However, it is perfectly reasonable to accept that Kharsag was established in six stages:

  1. Reconnaissance and Exploration.
  2. Construction of the Dam Wall and Reservoir.
  3. Sowing of the Plantations and planting of the Orchards.
  4. Basic Surveying and Astronomical Observation.
  5. Stocking of the Reservoir with Fish and Wildfowl.
  6. The take-over, by Men, of the responsibility for the day-to- day running of the farming operations.

Substantial Evidence