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Our brief is the practical search for the truth, individual responsibility, the pursuit of excellence, and good behaviour in all aspects of our lives.

Much of what we have been taught or told about religion, politics and history does not make much sense, yet these subjects tend to dominate, for better or worse, our lives and the lives of all those who share this overcrowded planet with us.

Plato said that; "Good people do not need laws and bad people will break them anyway". The simple message is the need for more good people and not more laws.

Current human trends of perverse over specialisation, ignorance accompanied by intolerance, and concepts presented by scholars as truths to uncritical men and women, all threaten stability and harmony. 160 million people have died directly and indirectly in the last 100 years in attempts to implement equality or racial and social purity.

Nationalism or tribalism has become the harbinger of hate and distrust leading to mindless confrontation, wars and human misery beyond belief. Brotherhood and unity have been cast aside. Life itself has become a raft of speculation and contrived public relations.

Good multidisciplinary skills do however exist and a weight of solid and new scientific evidence now supports the thesis that there was a Golden Age administered within a lost advanced civilization and that all people on this planet have the same common roots and ancestors.

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The diverse beliefs and differences which divide us can be tracked back to this common origin. Far better knowledge of our history will therefore encourage the philosophy and psychology within the few good men and women needed for good to triumph over evil.

Travel back with us in time to see what can be unlearned and relearned from past knowledge and discover the wisdom, kindness and harmony, which can enrich our lives and through our efforts and resolve, the lives of all living things on our planet.

Remember that myth means incredible, pagan means country folk and heresy means choice.

In The Genius of the Few...

Follow the discovery of an alternative Genesis for a realistic and down to earth record of the Shining Ones in the planted highlands, as opposed to God in Heaven.

Changes to the translation and interpretation of the biblical texts are supported in far greater detail in both ancient Sumerian literature and in little known, parallel Hebraic writings.

Study the 4,500 year old, Sumerian Kharsag Epics from the cuneiform clay cylinders and tablets excavated from the remains of the Nippur Library in 1896.

Display Prints:

  1. Sumer : Urban Populations
  2. Archaic Tablet 8383 from the Sumerian Nippur Library
  3. Nippur Archaic Tablet 8383 and the First Stage of Translation

The biblical story of the Garden of Eden has many counterparts, little known outside specialist circles. One however was written in clear and secular terms and inscribed on clay tablets in Sumer over the period of the 3rd Millennium BC. Here we have a much earlier and detailed record on which the Hebraic Genesis story is probably based.

Travel with Enoch from near the summit of Mount Hermon and experience his graphic and detailed account of the sophistication of the Kharsag (Eden) site.

Garden of Eden visual reconstruction

The early popularity of the Secrets of Enoch, which carried the full weight of a canonical work, was based on a false premise. It was thought to be a series of prophecies of a Golden Age that would occur in the future. The early Fathers of Church failed to realise that they were a consistent account of a Golden Age that they had already occurred in the distant past.

Explore the Garden of Eden site in the Rachaiyah (Achaia) Basin, Southern Lebanon and meet the bright or shining farmers, who were the Lords of the Cultivation, Granary and Plough, and the Lady Ninkharsag our Earth Mother Goddess (Mama in Accadian).

Display Prints:

  1. Ninkharsag
  2. Ninkharsag Defiled?
  3. Representations of The Lady Ninkarsag in the America's
  4. Lady Ninkharsag transformed into Coatlicue of the Aztecs at Tenochtitilan, Mexico

Here we have the descriptions in graphic and practical detail of cedar houses and buildings for scientists and livestock. A dam, a reservoir and a fertile alluvial basin, all essential for agriculture, horticulture and livestock production. Irrigation channels and supplies of water to the buildings, fields and orchards within an enclosure.

We also learn about the practical problems of acquiring and administering a labour force to run the whole operation and the problems encountered with the local tribes.

Discover the geographical and historical reality of this Garden of Eden site, together with its ultimate and much later destruction by a catastrophic storm.

A new understanding unfolds which gives a clearer perspective of the Bible stories and the important written records of other religions. Common links are established which break down our resistance to the diverse interests and beliefs of other people living on our planet.

Consider the detailed profile and the role analysis of Yahweh Elohim, who as Yahweh remains the paramount 'God' of the Hebrew people and as Jehovah, is still worshiped as the Supreme Deity of the Protestant and Catholic Christian religions.

Here we can question the record without fear and draw our own conclusions about the message presented, and perhaps eventually identify a different supreme being.

The Genius of the Few ends with the chapter Unity of Truth, which links together philosophy and religion from around the world to demonstrate the common threads of origin and a single basic truth. However as a postscript to this book, religion as it is commonly practised, would seem to be a relatively recent development based loosely on our historical roots.

Read on in The Shining Ones and find out that the spiritual truths would appear to be a somewhat different matter.

In The Shining Ones...

Cover all that is included above in the Genius of the Few, but follow the unfolding diffusion and diaspora from the Southern Lebanon site all round the world over the following 8,000 years.

The Shining Ones as real people can be distinguished from the separate and quite different cast of characters who appear in astronomy, cometary catastophe and the spiritual regions

Follow the seven members of the senior Elohim council and the establishment of at least six further major settlements at Jericho, Ba'albek, Ebla, Catal Huyuk, Olympus and On, which soon followed from their first establishment of the Kharsag (Eden) site.

Their knowledge and teaching appeared to be confined to practical issues rather than religion. These included agriculture, surveying, common law, writing, simple accounting, observational astronomy, simple mathematics, building and crafts. No spiritual instruction is known to have survived from this remote period. We do find however elsewhere that the common law edicts of Anu and Enlil Elohim are reassembled by King Hammurabi in 1,792 BC and that the Sumerian Encyclopedia of Astronomy is called 'Enuma Anu and Enlil'.

Study the wealth of important evidence presented throughout the Shining Ones to add to the basic thesis presented in the Genius of the Few of the existence and key role of this advanced group in influencing all peoples throughout the world.

This includes the translation of the earliest pictorial texts to give for the first time a clear understanding of the Phaistos disc and the Minoan links with Kharsag. We trace the diaspora from the Southern Lebanon site to the early city states in the Fertile Crescent and the development of the great civilizations in the Mesopotamian plain, Egypt, Iran, India, China and Japan. We follow their influence throughout Europe, the Americas, Easter Island and New Zealand.

The earliest history of Ireland and England is revealed and the most comprehensive and meticulous studies ever conducted on the Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex and Wandlebury-Hatfield Forest Complex, including the Cam Valley Loxodrome, bring professional surveying proof of the incredible surveying skills of these builders of megalithic (large stone) structures.

Look at one of the most outstanding features within The Shining Ones which is the detailed reconstruction of the Island of Atlantis in the area centred on the Azores from an author who has an outstanding track record as an exploration geologist.

In The Origins and Spread of Agriculture and Pastoralism in Eurasia...

Study the comprehensive scientific archaeological research which supports the basic O'Brien thesis of an agricultural Biblical diffusion from Southern Lebanon around 8,000 BC.

This difinitive and up to date record of the history of farming should be read by all students of the human origin and human relations subjects in conjunction with The Genius of The Few and The Shining Ones.

Around 8,000 BC an agricultural revolution took place which has had far reaching consequences for mankind and the planet. Up to this time man had learned to subsist with great awareness on a wide diversity of plants and animal foods. The change from hunter gatherer and minor horticulturist to the more sedentary farming of a smaller range of domesticated plants and animals took place at many sites over a time scale of under 100 years. A stable population perhaps constrained by limited resources was set to change and grow rapidly.

The conclusion of this book raises the important possibility of only two original independent farming centres in the area centred on Lebanon and in the Huanghe and Yangzi river basins in China. It also reaches the conclusion that diffusion was the dominant process by which farming became established largely replacing or assimulating most pre-existing hunter gatherers.

Reach your own conclusions as to whether the case is remade and proven for a single dominant process of 'Biblcal' diffusion from Southern Lebanon upwards and around the planet from around 8,000 BC.

We believe that it is necessary to consider the probability that an existing 'comprehensive and intensive farming package' was delivered around 8,000 BC in the Southern Lebanon by the Shining Ones. We believe that it is necessary to consider the possibility that this distinct species had already cross bred with homo sapiens to produce sapiens sapiens at least as early as 50,000 BC.This is the earliest date for a sapiens sapiens burial in Upper Egypt.

It would therefore seem logical that the 8,000 BC diffusion may have been preceded by earlier more localised diffusions, severely limited by the climatic factors of the period, but instigated by the same distinct advanced group.

We seek observations, comments and additional evidence from all those with the specialist related disciplines to unravel or piece together our story.

Further specialist books, papers and visual displays...

This site will be continually updated and expanded as we gather additional quality information and reprint important old records.

Study the visual display and detailed reconstruction of the Kharsag (Eden) site in the Rachaiya Basin.

Study the visual display of the Island of Atlantis below and above sea level. Find out how real it was and what can be learned about it from further research currently being conducted.

See how fragile both our environment and our earths crust has been since the Ice Age. Study the catastrophic causes of change, time scales and loss of continuity between civilisations.

Look at the reasons for sudden sea level rises and many associated floods.

Follow the evidence and research we are selecting for you on the many other related subjects in our search for the Shining Ones, their influence around the globe and their advanced knowledge.