Alternative Genesis 2:4

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)

Such were the origins of heaven and earth when they were created.

Such is the documented history of the development of the Heights and the Lowlands.

Of course, the concept of the Infinite Supreme Being requiring rest after his work of creating, is hardly credible. It points up the 'homely adaption' carried out by the Exilic redactors of the Sixth Century B.C.

The terrain of Kharsag, or the Garden in Eden, is illustrated by a contoured map, shown below and shows a two-fold division. The northern part was highland and contained the Reservoir and the two principal buildings; the southern part was a flat lowland - a fertile, old lake-bed on which the Shining Ones established their plantations, orchards and pastures. These two parts became known to the Semitic peoples as ha'shemim = 'the Heights', and ha'arez = 'the Land'.

Later, they became translated as 'heaven' and 'earth'; and 'heaven' became the seat of all Man's hopes and desires. And yet we could go there today and sit upon the rocks among which the Shining Ones laboured if civilized development had not taken over; and if the area did not lie within the war zone of Southern Lebanon.


French Survey Map with Speculative Placements of Structures mentioned in the Kharsag Epics

Substantial Evidence