Alternative Genesis 1:27

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)

God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them.

The Shining Ones made Men (Akkadian - lullu) - in their own image and likeness they made them; they made male and females.

According to the Akkadian account, the Shining Ones were disposed to make hybrids between Cro-Magnon tribeswomen and themselves because their own third order of craftsmen and artisans had rebelled against the heavy toil involved in the construction of the great watercourse - cut through solid rock

Belet-ili (Ninkharsag) and Enki took semen from one of their number (called We-ila) and, in an in vitro operation, fertilised ova from selected tribeswomen. They grew blastocysts in their laboratory in the Building of Knowledge at Kharsag, and emplaced them in the wombs of fourteen tribeswomen. In due course, seven male hybrids and and seven female hybrids were successfully delivered.

Thus one branch of the human race - the Semitic people - were given a head start on the rest of us. From these seven pairs of hybrids came the Patriarchal strain which began with Adam and Chawarrah (Eve) and was carried through to the kings of Judah in the first millennium B.C.

Substantial Evidence