Alternative Genesis 1:14-15

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)
God said, 'Let there be lights in the vault of heaven to divide day from night, and let them indicate festivals, days and years'.

The Shining Ones said, 'On the dam wall, from the Heights, we shall observe the luminaries by day and by night. We shall measure time in fixed intervals, in the direction of the two seas - from the High Wall where the Sun shines on the land'. And this was done.

On this occasion, the term = la'yamim has to be translated as 'seas' - the is proclitic and implies 'towards' (with movement in a given direction). The phrase has been strangely ignored by the biblical translation.

The only two seas that extend in any one defined direction, in the area, were Chinnereth (Galilee) and the Salt Sea (Dead Sea).

These lay in a line to the south, and it is interesting to consider that the Shining Ones may have been intending to establish a meridian for diurnal, midday observations of time. All that they would have required, was a marker-pole, or cairn, on the high ridge of Mount Hermon - and then they would have been able to 'measure time in fixed intervals' from observations made from the top of the dam wall.

Substantial Evidence