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Date: 31/08/2010
From: Kathy - USA

A note of thanks and gratitude for your wonderful website. I could go on for paragraphs about what it is I think I've learned (so far) but my more immediate appreciation is for Mrs. O'Brien. Her influence and contributions have had a profound effect on me. There are no words to describe why, what, where, or how. In fact I can not seem to capture any meaning myself. Nevertheless, I say she has my deepest admiration and gratitude. Cordially, Kathy

Date: 23/02/2010
From: Mike Gravino - Maps of Ancient Sea Kings - Ebook

A nice new website - excellent. I am prepared to create interactive ebooks for you which are easily dropped into a site like this as code. North American book publishing is needed! I am publishing a new edition of MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS both as an ebook and book. Will be at Yale tomorrow to start the process. Again, site looks great, tell the code jockey's the CMS looks locked in fine. Mike Gravino ARCHIVE HOUSE.

I received Genius of the Few by Christian O'Brien from Edmund Marriage a few days ago. It must be one of the most astonishing books I have ever read. So far the author shows indisputably that the gods (Elohim, etc) of the ancients were nothing more than an advanced group of agriculturalists, who showed the locals how to build dams, plant trees, destroy insect pests and even how to generate hydro-electric power. This all from the Nippur Sumerian tablets, written about 5000 years ago. I am in ecstasy with Genius of the Few. It provides the missing pieces to so many puzzles. That the gods of mythology were actually agriculturists fits the overall picture that I have been building up. My contribution will be to show where the Shining Ones originate from and to provide scientific evidence for the claim. Also, that the Shining Ones still reappear on earth, either as haphazard mutations, or as deliberate genetic manipulation. I believe there are grounds for both suppositions. I just need some time to prepare a well-grounded scientific paper
Leading International Academic.

Incidentally, a valuable source would be The Shining Ones, by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien. I need to add that book to my references page and may have done so by the time you read this. I had not covered it in Open SETI because of its occasional dependence on "supernatural" explanations, which I felt would be out of bounds for the target readership. It is not out of bounds for this discussion, however! At any rate, what distinguishes this book (and others by the authors, though this is the complete compendium) is its use of important material from the Kharsag Epics and recent translations of various Codices and other apocryphal and gnostic works. The O'Briens have assembled a strikingly detailed, logical, and coherent picture of an early project or colony that resulted in the institution of the Mesopotamian cultures. Much of the story can be discerned in more well-known scriptural texts, but MUCH less clearly
Gary Zetlin - SETI Institute

I recently heard Edmund Marriage on Red Ice Radio and was so impressed with his knowledge and insight into reconstituting world history into a believable whole. As I was taught history, it was fragmented, disjointed, and thoroughly unsatisfying in describing ancient times. Very little of this knowledge is available in USA. Mr. Marriage speaks so understandably, and I hope he will consider presenting his knowledge on American radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM. Coast has a large audience and an audience eager to embrace alternate history ideas, which are well researched.

I came across the Edmund Marriage lecture "Ancient Civilisation and the Golden Age" in a Google video search. loved it, hungry for more, hope you are still actively videoing the lectures and put them online, its a great resource for continuing education for us in the USA.

I 'googled' Sumerian and found an online video of Edmund Marriage's lecture "ancient civilization and the golden age". I must admit I have watched it three or more times now. It was fascinating. So I did some researching and found this email link. I have a masters degree in history but my education wasn't nearly as thorough as the hours I spent watching your lecture! Thank you!

Fantastic website! Sign me up for the newsletter, I can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work.

I first read your book Genius of the Few when it was first published. You all disappeared for a while only one left now bless you Barbara Joy, what a life you have had, I truly hope that you are happy or at least content. You have made a difference in my life, helped me be incredibly alone in my attitude and thoughts, but kept me company on the path of exploration on our journey through - The human experience in this human condition. with love your friend Michelle.

I am an Australian mother of three and wanted to pass on my thanks. I recently went to my local library. While going through the shelves, 'The Shining Ones' fell at my feet. I took it home and began reading. Words fail me. This book has had an enormous impact on me, which is strange really. I am neither philosophical nor religious. I have a health science masters degree is all. This book has answered a veritable truck load of questions for me. Why have I not heard of this book or Mr and Mrs O'Brien. More importantly, why is this book not part of senior school curriculum. I am so grateful that there are those like the O'Brien's. Thank you for such a wonderful, wonderful masterpiece. Personally, the impact will stay with me for the remainder of my life, and who knows, possibly assist me even after that! What a gift to give. Thank you so much.

Congratulations on your work. I am so glad I found your site (thanks to reference in Ian Lawton's "Genesis Unveiled"). I am an, as yet, unpublished truth seeker.

Superb, brilliant, lucid just what everybody needs to know, should be presented as an alternative to the current non-sense they are brainwashing our children with, under the national curriculum.

I am so glad to see your amazing site online. I am a student of the authors of these works, which are indispensible to my ongoing lifetime chronological researches. Kudos to U!!!!

An excellent site! This is the first website we have found that ties so much information together in one place. My companion Jimmie has been studying the ancient history of Man's origins all his life and has met many frustrations in doing so, partly due to peoples' disbelief when he tries to talk to others about anything in relation to this subject matter. How wonderful it is to finally have at least ONE place on the net that illustrates so much and brings so many things together quite conveniently. We both look forward to participating on the Golden Age Project as much as we are able.

I was amazed when I discovered "The Golden Age Project" online and as soon as my finances allow (I am retired), I will donate. I would very much like to ask you and the authors of all of the books on your site to publish them in a format that (unlike Kindle) is compatible with many "e-book readers" such as "Digital Editions" by Adobe. Your works would be protected against unauthorized use and it would be a very efficacious, profitable, and "green" way to put these works before a much larger audience. THANK YOU for everything you have done.

I came to your site after listening to the amazing Edmund Marriage interview on Red Ice Creations Radio. have to tell you that it feels as if I now have found the missing piece - now it all falls into place - thank you so much.

It took some time (as I am also a student of natural medicine) ... but this weekend I have seen Climate Change and until now; part 1 & 2 of Learning from history, - and will see the 3 & 4 tomorrow...- and it is truly life changing. Your seminar is so great, informative, interesting and wise - , and I want to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to get this knowledge and wisdom within reach...Oslo

In searching for books, I found The Genius of a Few, which lead me to this site. I truly appreciate the efforts of those that have made it their primary quest in life to search for the true answers to the questions about our history. This site has been able to address more of my questions than any number of resources I have been able to find on my own thus far. Thank you!!

I love your site. I have been a truth seeker for some time now and finding this site was a breath of fresh air. As you know seeking the truth is no easy path, however, there is no reverse gear. I have now read many of the books on your site, and all of Laurence Gardner's books. I thoroughly commend you for putting this site and project together and I will continue to visit here and take great interest in any articles that originate from here in future. You are remarkable individuals, your dedication to truth and history of this planet is beyond words and I thank you so much.

Thank you for your personal reply, it is most welcome and I am very grateful to have received it. I am not unfamiliar with your work either. It is equally rewarding to receive a reply from one as knowledgeable as yourself. I do appreciate very much the efforts you and others have gone to in order to present the other side of the story to the world. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort as I fully know. I have dedicated myself to seeking truth during every waking hour of my existence. I have been on this mission for the past 5 years and I understand the vast amount of commitment this entails but what I have discovered in that time has changed the way I see the world exponentially. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and while a lot of this information is deeply disturbing it is also very rewarding from a spiritual perspective and at the end of the day no matter how we came into being the fact is we are being and we ought to be grateful.

I am but a neophyte in these realms but it is people like you who inspire people like me, and it is my strongest desire that one day this information will be accessed by all humanity. I endeavor to share this knowledge with as many as who are willing to listen and take the esoteric on board. Thankfully, the escape from dogma has well and truly begun.

It is the people like you who are the true pioneers of this age and your commitment and dedication to this cause is exemplary.

Fascinating information. I will be ordering as funds allow. I have no formal education but have always sought after our true origins on my own. Many thanks for making this research available to those of us who cannot attend university. Sign me up. Thank You.

I want you to know that I have already browsed a bit on your website, which in many ways looks fine. My favourite part of your work may however be your radio interviews at Red Ice Creations. In every respect, I consider these shows true classics: in terms of quality of information, the humor, your calm style of presentation and much more. In many ways I listen to them, just as I would a piece of music. So thank you. It has inspired me greatly, and has lead me to a potentially very wide ranging - tentative - conclusion, about the word Khar-Sag, a word which may well run like a red thread through world history. I still need to check some facts, before I upset a whole lot of people, but rest assured, that there are people out here, who are very inspired by your work

I was reading all about the Sumerian writing and I too concluded that the Phaistos disc had great similarities with the Sumerian texts. I got so obsessed that I actually googled - Sumerians and Phaistos Disc - and I came across your site. I just have one question; why on earth wouldn't archaeologists take you seriously on this matter? - thank you for your time.