kharsag research project

Those Involved in the Project

Edmund Marriage - Principal of the Patrick Foundation - ARICS, MRAC - Qualified in Agriculture and Land Agency at the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester and Wye College, London University. Founder of British Wildlife Management, Work Groups for Wildlife (Rehabilitation), the Quality Driving and Shooting Initiatives, with a career in countryside and wildlife management, property, fund management, and independent research.

Barbara Joy O'Brien - Honorary fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in London, award winning poet and co-author and widow of Christian O'Brien.

Desmond Astley-Cooper - Consultant and historian on the Lebanon and the Arab World.

Steve Gagne - Consultant, author, teacher and specialist on issues relating to the origins of agriculture, agricultural genetics, diet and food, early civilisations and the production of food.

Laurence Gardner - Consultant, genealogist, constitutional historian, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (Scotland), former Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes, best selling author, and historical and scientific research specialist.

Robert Armstrong - Film and documentary maker and director of the Holistic Channel. Partner in Gaia Communications.

Geoff Ward - Media consultant, author and journalist.


British Council in the Lebanon
Directorate of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Lebanon
University of Balamand, Tripoli, Lebanon
Department of History and Archaeology, American University in Beirut
University College London
Cambridge University
Oxford University
British Museum

Personal Profiles

Christian O'Brien read Natural Sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge and spent many years as an exploration geologist in Iran, in Canada, and in other parts of the world. In 1936 he was involved in the discovery of the Tchoga Zambil Ziggurat in Southern Iran. In 1970 he retired as the head of the international oil operating companies in Iran, and was awarded a CBE in 1971 for his work. He then devoted his retirement to researching the many enigmas of prehistory, surveying and discovering the Integrated Astronomical Observatory Line A - Hatfield Forest to Wandlebury, near Cambridge, and the Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex in Cornwall , England, both dated to c. 2,500 BC. He established the overwhelming mathematical probability and proof that these structures were designed for complex observational astronomy and went on to discover from Early Sumerian and other ancient texts , the origin of their builders, and the founders of agriculture and civilisation in the Near East c. 9,500 BC. The Path of Light provides the remarkable supporting evidence from the long lost recorded words of Jesus , rediscovered within the Egyptian Coptic records of the early Christian Church. Christian O'Brien died in February 2001 aged 87.

Barbara Joy O'Brien has played a full part in the research, with a special interest in the history of religion. She is also a poet with several publications and awards to her credit.

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