Alternative Genesis 1:16

jerusalem bible (alternative genesis)

God made the two great lights: the greater light to govern the day, the smaller to govern the night, and the stars.

The Shining Ones were occupied with [observations on] the two great lights - the greater light [Sun] ruling the day, and the lesser light [Moon] ruling the night - and on the Stars.

The essential difference between these two translations lies in the interpretation of = 'asa' which we have already met in Verse 7. It had several meanings such as 'make', 'produce', 'perform', and 'be busy'. Our inclusion of the expression 'were occupied with' [observations on] is justified by our belief that the Shining Ones did not 'make the two great lights', but had 'been busy' or 'occupied' with them.

This occupation is made very clear in the Kharsag Epics where Ugmash is described as one who laid out the irrigation channels with reference to the movements of the Sun. It is further emphasised by Enoch's reference, in the Garden in Eden, to Angels who 'study the movements of the Stars, the Sun and the Moon, and record the peaceful order of the World.'

Substantial Evidence