the magdalene legacy

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their hidden lineage - by Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner’s historical detective story on the suppressed archives of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their hidden lineage first began in his 1996 worldwide bestseller Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Since then, these controversial themes have been taken up in the world of fiction with the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code, triggering a new and heated debate about the mysterious life of Mary Magdalene.

From the Dark Ages, through medieval times and the Renaissance era, down to the present day, Mary Magdalene has been among the most painted and sculpted of all classical figures. But for all that, she has been constantly vilified by the Christian religious establishment. In the New Testament Gospels, Mary is given as Jesus’ companion, his sponsor, and a woman that he loved. Church doctrine, however, claims her to have been a sinful harlot, albeit a repentant sinner who was finally admitted to the sainthood as late as 1969.

With over 50 colour plates, The Magdalene Legacy follows the life of Mary Magdalene as it has been portrayed in academic literature and the world of fine art. The book also investigates why so many of Mary’s pictorial depictions are of non-biblical events – on board a ship, holding a Grail, preaching to crowds, and pregnant or with a child. - HarperCollins ISBN: 0007200846

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