the grail enigma

by Laurence Gardner

Manuscripts from the early centuries of the Christian era give details of numerous characters and events that were strategically suppressed in ecclesiastical doctrine. Within these documents are records concerning the descendent family of Jesus, a dynastic bloodline identified in the Vatican Archive as the 'Heirs of the Lord'.

Much has been discussed in recent times about the possibility of such a lineage, but first-hand historical evidence of the family has never yet been fully presented. Through a process of documentary analysis, The Grail Enigma now reveals the facts of this sacred genealogical descent.

Continuing the trail of detection begun in 1996 with his Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner now adds a good deal more information in this regard, including texts dating onwards from the 2nd century that document Mary Magdalene as the 'Bride of Christ'. Even back in the 1st-century Gospel era, the marriage of Jesus and Mary was chronicled in detail. Unique to any book on the subject, The Grail Enigma contains previously unpublished genealogical charts that trace the messianic offspring, Tamar, Joshua and Joseph, detailing each generation of their lineage through 600 years through to Arthurian times.

Concerning such matters as Church evolution and New Testament gospel selection, there is now a widespread awareness that so many early Christian texts were tactically sidelined because they contained information that was contrary to ecclesiastical requirement. Since the process of compiling and producing the canon was so closely connected to the Church's vindictive strategy against the messianic bloodline, The Grail Enigma explores the selection process in depth as it was detailed in Vatican record. In this context it becomes wholly evident that even the New Testament books which are now so familiar were doctored and edited so as to comply with the desired objective.

Packed with intrigue, the chronicles of messianic heritage cast fascinating new light on the reality of the persecuted inheritors. Individually produced manuscripts from Judaea, Greece, Turkey, France, Alexandria, Britain and Rome are consistent in their revelatory portrayals. Ecumenical, monastic and secular annals are mutually supportive in their ongoing accounts of the victimized heirs. The Grail Enigma follows the course of a desperate family that was hounded by the Church for centuries. Complete with all original source references, this fiercely guarded information, held secret for so long, is now disclosed in a fully defined generational progression.

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