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It is with great sadness that we at the Golden Age Project report the death of Laurence Gardner at 5.45am on Thursday 12th August 2010, after bravely fighting a long illness and operations. Laurence's contributions to the Golden Age Project, which are self evident, have inspired us all. His magnificent written words will live on as an example to seekers of the truth around the world, of steadfast thoroughness and generosity in our ancient advanced ancestor's worthy priority of the secular pursuit of knowledge, the truth before the world, and promotion of the natural laws requiring the freewill of men and women. His support and research conducted with us in furthering the thesis on the discovery of The Garden of Eden by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien's will prove to be a milestone for millions in understanding The Origin of God.

Laurence Gardner - Funeral Address - Friday 20th August 2010 (Edmund Marriage)

The unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates in this famous quote touches upon the higher moral duty of those who care for, and search for the truth.

Our ancient ancestors, labeled with the derogatory term pagan, sought the secular pursuit of knowledge, the truth before the world, and insisted on the natural laws, which required the freewill of both men and women.

These are some of the reasons why the Druids were regarded by the ancient scholars as the Masters of Wisdom, and why we are beginning to learn, thanks to Laurence, that a peaceful high culture resided in Britain, long before the Roman invasion and conquest.

I would like to read a message from Lori Ah Loy, sent just before the end came for Laurence, as I believe she reflects the genuine regard for Laurence of all those who have taken the trouble to read his extremely well referenced books.

I am deeply saddened by the news about Laurence. His contribution to true knowledge and the enlightenment of humanity is simply invaluable. He is a truly amazing man and one of my foremost respected authors. His work will live on forever and I will continue his efforts by passing on his information to all who will listen and learn. If you could pass onto Angela and Laurence my sincerest of appreciations of his work and his humor in presenting it, it sounds crass I know, but please let them know that my thoughts will be with them during Laurence's transition off this sphere. It seems to me that once one has achieved an imparting of extraordinary knowledge, one ends up leaving Earth. I see Laurence's departure as a good thing, albeit it saddens me, but on a higher level it means to me he has achieved his higher purpose and I honor him for his dedication and commitment. He has contributed greatly to humanity, and by his work has demonstrated he has achieved the status of responsible human-beingness, a state of being, not a lot of humans will achieve in their life times. He has demonstrated life Mastery that few will accomplish. I offer him my eternal gratitude - Lori Ah Loy - Queensland, Australia.

My own friendship and experience over ten years, of exchanging ideas and research with Laurence, has been one of the most rewarding periods of my life.

What struck me most was his thoroughness and generosity to others.

The wizard in the book called the Wizard of Oz, a banned critique of 1850's American social life, said at the end of the story, that what mattered was not how much you loved, but how much you were loved.

Laurence's courtesy to the Friar brought into a radio studio to present an alternative view to that of his, led to this man of the Church avoiding confrontation, by saying that he was concerned with belief, and that Laurence was concerned with knowledge; and not to confuse the two.

Laurence had great respect for the people he dealt with at the Vatican Library, who treated his enquiries with genuine interest.

Much of his research on the early British Church, still rubbished by so many intolerant critics, had in fact been confirmed by the great Vatican historians Polidor Virgilo and Cardinal Ceasare Baronius, before 1601.

George Orwell warned that society often reaches the point where telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

When people ignore you,
then laugh at you,
and finally try to fight you,
you know you are going to win
- so said the confident Gandhi

Laurence's writings on powder metal technology, and the high temperatures, as much as 6,000 degrees, used to produce pure gold and white powder gold before 4,000 BC, are supported by some of the highest authorities in the land, including the Atomic Energy Commission at Harwell. I have copies of the original letters between the head of the Commission and Professor Charles Hapgood in the 1950's confirming this.

His support for me, and the research conducted together in furthering the O'Brien thesis on the discovery of the site of the Garden of Eden, will I believe be a milestone for millions in understanding The Origin of God , the title of his next book. This could be his greatest legacy.

I would like to feature a key quote on the Grail Code taken from the Bloodline of the Holy Grail , for which he received a UK Author of the Year Award in 1997.

The Grail Code - to which I have added - and I am sure he would approve - The People's Lost Common Law Inheritance - (Today that means the loss of our brilliant British Constitution).

The Bloodline of the Holy Grail is not restricted in content to genealogies and tales of political intrigue, but its pages hold the key to the essential Grail Code: the key not only to an historical mystery but to a way of life. It is a book about good government and bad government. It tells how the patriarchal kingship of people was supplanted by dogmatic tyranny and the dictatorial over-lordship of land. It is a journey of discovery through past ages, with its eye set firmly on the future.

In this present age of computer technology, satellite tele-communications and an international space industry, scientific advancement takes place at an alarming rate. With each stage of development arriving ever more quickly, the functionally competent will emerge as the survivors, while the rest will be considered unfit by an impetuous establishment that serves its own ambitions but not its subjects.

So, what has all this to do with the Grail? Everything. The Grail has many guises and many attributes - as will be revealed. Yet, in whatever form it is portrayed, the Grail quest is governed by an overriding desire for honest achievement. It is the route by which all can survive among the fit, for it is the key to harmony and unity at every social and natural station. The Grail Code recognizes advancement by merit, and acknowledges community structure - but above all things it is entirely democratic. Whether apprehended in its physical or its spiritual dimension, the Grail belongs to leaders and followers alike, enjoining that all should be as one in a common, unified service.

In order to be numbered among the fit, it is necessary to be fully informed. Only through awareness can preparation be made for the future. Dictatorial rule is not a route to information; it is a positive constraint designed to prevent free access to the truth. Whom, therefore, does the Grail serve? It serves those who quest despite the odds - for they are the champions of enlightenment.

A brilliant statement by Laurence, who has examined life, quested and despite the odds, has become our Champion of Enlightenment.

Friday 20th August 2010 (Edmund Marriage)

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