They had no vessels
No one really knows
Whether it was over the heavens, or out of the heavens,
or out of the earth, that they came.
Were they demons of the Devil - were they men ?
Eochaid Va Flainn

At some time in the third millennium B.C., there arrived in Ireland a group of Sages who, in time, were to form the pantheon of the indigenous Old Irish, and the early Celtic invaders. In the later Gaelic tongue, they were described as

Dee in taes dana acus ande an taes
which may be translated as
the men of Science were gods and the laymen no-gods.

Their arrival came as a great surprise to the local people because they are said to have appeared suddenly on the top of Sliev-an-Ierin, the Iron Mountain in County Leitrim. This mountain was considered to be three days march from the coast and, as no one had seen the Sages crossing the intervening ground, or found boats from which they might have landed, it was decided by the elders that they must have burned their boats on the sea-shore and traveled inland under cover of a magical mist - a mist of draoideacht.

From Chapter Seventeen The Shining Ones by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien

The Shining Ones
Authors: Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien

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