the shining ones

by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien

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The Shining Ones brings together a lifetime of research and scholarship in presenting evidence of the activities of a group of culturally and technically advanced people, who dominated human progress for several thousand years.

Establishing agriculture in a mountain valley in the Near East around 8,500 BC, these sages founded the Garden of Eden, and set the stage for the diffusion of the Indo-European peoples throughout the world. They were deified and are still remembered as gods.

by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien
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We can follow their story within the recently translated Sumerian Kharsag Epics and the deliberately concealed Chronicles of Enoch, with added support from an alternative translation of the later compilation of the Book of Genesis. This book follows their footsteps and influence throughout the world.

We now realise that they surveyed and mapped the stars and the earth with great precision. Their brilliant mixed and balanced farming and wildlife management methods still survive in some areas today. Their megalithic and sophisticated building skills still astonish and puzzle experts. Their arts, crafts and sciences, preserved in areas such as China, excel modern equivalents in many ways.

Their administrative excellence, through kingship and self-contained city states, provides many surprising solutions for today's troubled world. Their common laws, customs and practical philosophies, corrupted, if not destroyed, by priests and politicians, still offer hope for all of us, to crate a better world.

Their ordered and efficient role-societies survived for thousands of years, but were unable to cope with the often predicted episodic catastrophes, inflicted by cosmic radiation, cometary debris and volcanic activity, which brought in their wake fire, flood, drought or climate change.

In their previous book The Genius of the Few the authors promised to address the question - From where did these Shining Ones come? They have therefore woven into the text a wealth of additional evidence from the ancient records, to support the popular concept of a spiritual dimension and a spiritual influence.

As an outstanding exploration geologist, Christian O'Brien presents his thesis and survey of the ocean floor to support the former existence of the Island of Atlantis in the region of the Azores.

This book, along with other past scholarship on the activities and technology of our ancestor gods, provides the links to establish their full story. Ancient myths are now shown to be realities. The re-discovery of a Golden Age is within reach.

Edmund Marriage - The Golden Age Project

Quotations on the back cover

Once upon a time the Gods divided up the Earth between them - mot in the course of a quarrel; for it would be quite wrong to think that the Gods do not know what is appropriate to them, or that, knowing it, they would want to annex what property belongs to others. Each gladly received his just allocation, and settled his territories; and having done so they proceeded to look after us, their creatures and children, as shepherds look after their flocks. They did not use physical means of control like shepherds who direct their flocks with blows, but brought their influence to bear on the creature's most sensitive part, using persuasion as a steersman uses the helm, to direct the mind as they saw fit and so guide the whole moral creature. The various Gods, then, administered the various regions which had been allotted to them. But Hephaestos and Athene, who shared as brother and sister a common character, and pursued the same ends in their love of knowledge and skill, were allotted this land of ours as their joint sphere and as a suitable and natural home for excellence and wisdom. They produced a native race of good men and gave them suitable political arrangements. Their names have been preserved but what they did has been forgotten because of the destruction of their successors and the long lapse of time. For as we said before, the survivors of this destruction were an unlettered mountain race who had just heard the names of the rulers of the land but knew little of their achievements. They were glad enough to give their names to their own children, but they knew nothing of the virtues and institutions of their predecessors, except for a few hazy reports; for many generations they and their children were short of bare necessities, and their minds and thoughts were occupied with providing for them, to the neglect of their earlier history and tradition. For an interest in the past and historical research came only when communities had leisure and when men were already provided with the necessities of life. That is how the names but not the achievements of these early generations came to be preserved. Plato's - The Critias c 355 BC
The Ancient Masters were subtle,
mysterious, profound, responsive.
The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable.
Because it is unfathomable,
all we do is so describe their appearance.
Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream.
Alert, like men aware of danger.
Courteous, like visiting guests.
Yielding like ice about to melt.
Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood.
Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (Chapter 15) c 540 BC