• 3,903 BC - Calculated from the Druidic records to be the precise astronomical date of the arrival of the missionaries from Sidon (Eastern Mediterranean) into Britain and the founding in Britain of the Druidic system of social administration based on the divine laws of the Shining Ones, and the philosophy of the archaic world. This required well-educated monarchs, as the tenant of the gods, to lead each of the city-states.

• 3,807 BC - From the archaeological record comprehensive and complex timber track-ways were built to cross between the islands of the Somerset Levels. Superior axe heads of green jadeite and other quality materials were introduced along with a range of improved skills.

• Serpent - meaning wise man or woman - is associated with these arrivals, providing unbroken links back to the two-eyed and one-eyed serpents at Kharsag. I am a Serpent, I am a Druid was their statement. In an Irish manuscript it is written that: All who are adepts in Druidical and magical arts are the descendants of the Tuatha De Danaan. The people of the God Anu. In southern Ireland there is still a saying - Wise as the Tuatha Danaan. The Isle of Man was named after Danaan Mananan who set up a mystery school on the island and was famous for his powers to transport huge blocks through the air. His ship had no sails or oars but went wherever he wanted it to go.

• The serpent was subsequently the totem of the House of David. They precede the Persian Magi, Egyptian and Canaanite priests, as well as the Levitical, Brahman, and the Essene traditions. Annual councils of Kings and the Druid advisors to Kings took place over the millennia in the original homelands. Good government and peace was a fundamental requirement. Religion as we know it did not exist.