Kharsag Epic No 1: The Arrival of the Anannage – Commentary A

The story told by this epic is simple, progresive and unequivocal. like the Creation Story in Genesis, it has seven parts - and, at the end, those who brought about the Creation, rested. The account, unlike Genesis, is completely believable once it has been accepted that Shining Ones descended from the Astral Region to assist in the development of tribal Mankind to a civilized existence.

To simmerise the seven parts:

1. A group of alien Sages, referred to as the Shining Ones, on account of their refulgent appearance, descended on a mountainous area, close to Mount Hermon, and settled in a fertile, inner-montane valley. They called the general area - Eden; and the place where they lived and worked - Kharsag.

2. When they arrived, the local tribes-people were primitive; they wore skins and furs, and lived in mountainous caves; they lived by foraging and, probably, by hunting.

3. The aliens ploughed the land, formed enclosed fields, sowed grain of at least three, if not four, different kinds; planted fruit-trees, and trees for shade; and, liberally irrigated it all.

4. They domesticated sheep and cattle, and housed them in permanent buildings with running water.

5. The sheep and cattle prospered, the harvests were good, and much surplus food was produced. The local tribes-people were invited in - as partners and helpers - to share the bounty.

6. A Reservoir was constructed in the higher country to provide the water for irrigation, all the year round.

7. The aliens built houses for themselves of cedar-wood - including one, large, bright principal dwelling.