Kharsag Epic No 1: The Arrival of the Anannage – Tablet No. 14005 - A

At Kharsag, where Heaven and Earth met, the Heavenly Assembly, the Great Sons of Anu, descended - the many Wise Ones.
The Lord of the Granary had not yet arrived there, the grass had not yet become green.

The Lord of the Plough had not yet prepared the land and (its) watering; for the Lord of the Plough, (that) implement had not (yet) turned over the hard earth.
The cattle-shed had not (yet) been given running-water, had not been watered from the overflow.

The ass had not (yet) been watered; the seed had not been watered.

Then, the well and the irrigation channels had not been dug; then, had not been dug for the ass and the cattle.
Because of the sunny Enclosure, and the Lord of the Granary, eventually] the harvest would be heavy.
The Anannage, the Great Lords, had not yet arrived.

The shesh-grain of thirty days did not exist; the shesh-grain of fifty days did not exist, the small grain, the mountain grain, and the animal fodder did not exist.

The Lord of the Plough had not sown the grain; then, the Enclosure had not been constructed.

Together with the Great Lords, the Great Lady had not arrived.

The faithful Lord Ugmash had not (yet) taken observations of the movements of the Sun.

Mankind learned from the Great Shining Ones;they set things in order.

Man had not yet learned how to eat or how to sleep; had not learned how to make clothes, or permanent dwellings.

People crawled into their dwellings on all fours;they ate grass with their mouths like sheep; they drank storm-water from the streams.

Later) after the Lords had planted greenery, its fruit covered the extensive Enclosure; the Lord of the Granary made it beautiful.

The Lords rejoiced in the enclosed place - in its food enclosures - in its shady orchards. There the Lord of the Granary had planted abundant vegetation, the Anannage - in their bright dwellings in the spacious Enclosure - ate abundantly, but were not content.

Of the excellent milk from the spacious sheepfold,
the Anannage - in their bright dwellings in the spacious Enclosure - drank abundantly, but were not content.
Because of the surplus food from the spacious Enclosure, they made a favourable decision that Mankind (the tribes-people) should share these benefits..

At that time, the Lord Enki was speaking to the Lord Enlil.

Father Enlil had appointed the Lord of the Granary [Enki] to erect that splendid, enclosed dwelling the splendid dwelling - the bright dwelling - the place with lofty [running] water……

The Lord Enki and the Lord Enlil conversed animatedly...
 The Lord of the Granary, from the splendid watercourse had brought water to the cattle-shed ... ...'

The cattle-shed was surrounded by a wall... .he [also] covered the stocks of food in a lofty building.

The Lord of the Granary irrigated the fields; he made their bright, enclosed places and cultivated the fields.

He made firm the wall of the cattle-shed; he appointed a herdsman for his abundant cattle.

The Lord of the Granary was made responsible for the building.
Rich pasture-land was established for the abundant, fat cattle; its fields were full of lively horns; the vigorous young animals raced about the heights

The Lord of the Granary, and the Cattle-Shed, multiplied the offspring.

He [Enlil] commanded a Reservoir to be constructed; it was sited on the Heights; in the shining Land, lofty water was established it was sited on the Heights. The Lord commanded - the Arbiter planned it.

In this land - in this created place - food was greatly increased for the people.

The Arbiter of the Land established shade in it.

Where the perched House stood, the ground was made shady; and, then, the boundary was fenced-in.

Because the Lord had commanded these things, they were established, there, in the Highlands.

At the place of the Waterfall, the Companions and their wives were given a feast. In a shady field, many helped with the serving!