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Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
by Charles Hapgood, 1979, Harper Collins, London.

Rare and ancient maps reveal a new history of mankind in Charles Hapgood’s classic - back in print after more than twenty years.

In this fascinating and provocative book Charles Hapgood uses ancient maps as evidence for the existence, many thousands of years ago, of an advanced worldwide civilisation.


Ancient Civilizations
by A.Cotterell, 1980, Penguin Books, London.

With contributions from experts in the field, this is an encyclopedia of ancient civilizations.


The Greeks and the Sea
by A.G.Lemos,1976, Cassell and Company, New York.

Ascent to Civilization
by J.A.J. Gowlett, 1993, McGraw-hill Inc, New York.

Traces the connected sequences of man's development from ancient finds in Africa's Great Rift Valley to the invention of the wheel and writing.


When the Earth Nearly Died
by D.S. Allen and J.D. Delair.

Carefully gathered evidence from many disciplines tell of a cataclysm which nearly destroyed Earth and Mars about 11,500 years ago. Ancient oral traditions from scores of cultures describe how a golden age disappeared with appalling devastation, which is supported by archaeological, botanical, astronomical and geological evidence. The findings have some relevance for present world changes.


The New History of the World
by J.M.Roberts. Penguin Books.

John Roberts' book has now been updated to the end of the 20th century and revised throughout to make sure it keeps its appeal to a new generation of readers.


Ancient Inventions
by Peter James and Nick Thorpe. Michael O'Mara Books Ltd.

A guide to ancient accomplishments and inventions unearths the origins of modern creations, including computers in ancient Greece, plastic surgery in India in the first century B.C., and a postal service in medieval Baghdad.


A History of Writing
by Albertine Gaur. Published by The British Library.


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