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The Book of Genesis: Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text
by Prof. Charles James Ball.

A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament
by William L. Holladay.

Strictly alphabetical listing of words written in Hebrew letters, followed by some inflectional forms of the word, its English meaning, and relevant chapter and verse citations from the Bible.


Sumerian and Chinese Lexicon
by Prof. Charles James Ball. (Cambridge)

Sumerian Mythology
by Samuel Noah Kramer.

This book was written a while ago and it is a very academic bit of work. This isn't a story book based on ancient myths, it is an attempt to put together an overview of Sumerian mythology from fragmented cuneiform tablets. The source material is reference throughout, you find both pictures and drawings of the tablets along with transliterations and translations. Then and only then the author goes on to explain what the quoted material indicates about the myth.


Cosmic Winter
by Victor Clube and Bill Napier, Basil Blackwell.

During five days in late June 1975, a swarm of boulders the size of motor cars struck the moon at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. On 30 June 1908 an object crashed on Siberia with the force of a large hydrogen bomb. The moon was also struck on 25 June 1178 struck, this time by a missile whose energy was ten times that of the combined nuclear arsenals of the world. Why late June? What is the nature of such events? And what threat do they pose to mankind? The authors aim to reveal the answers in this book. They argue that rains of fire visit the earth from time to time, destroying civilizations and plunging mankind into Dark Ages. They uncover a lost tradition of celestial catastrophe, and underpin these claims with foundations based on the latest discoveries in space. They produce a risk assessment which reveals that civilization could well come to an abrupt end, destroyed by a rain of fire followed by an icy, cosmic winter.


The Sirius Mystery
by Robert Temple, Arrow.

Robert Temple traces the traditions of the Dogon and three related tribes back 5000 years to the ancienct Mediterranean cultures of Sumer and Egypt. He shows a knowledge dependent on physics and astrophysics, which they claimed was imported to them by alien visitors from the star system Sirius.


A Sudanese Sirius System
by Marcelle Griaul and G. Diterlen.

China: Land of Discovery and Invention
by Robert Temple.


The New Accadian
by Prof. Charles James Ball. (Proc. Soc. Bibl. Archaeology). Oxford 1913.
Links between Sumeria and China.

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