curing addictions - neuro electric therapy healing addictions without drugs - handbook by dr karl schmidt

In the 1970's it was discovered that the human body manufactures its own indigenous opioids (endorphins) which function as neuro-transmitters and give us the feel good factor: These are also stimulated by physical activity.

Unfortunately, these substances of addiction - including nicotine and alcohol - suppress the production and release of these opioids.

Consequently if we try to reduce one drug dependency by using another or the same drug (e.g. methadone or heroin) which prevent the production and release of our own opioids, our addiction most likely remains and it takes a long time to overcome.

However, Dr Karl Schmidt's fascinating work and research shows that, with the use of extremely low current applied to acupressure points on the back of the head, the production of opioids can be stimulated and the body encouraged to release its own opioids once more. We can then start on the road to non-addiction with a natural feel good factor produced by our own body.

Everyone interested in addiction - be it alcohol, nicotine or any other drug - should definitely read this ground breaking research.

Extract provided to summarise the Neuro Electric Therapy, and point out that as a result of this Cure for Addiction, patients can now be placed into specialised rehabilitation, which allows full time work to be undertaken in a wide range of practical and creative jobs within four weeks. No prescription drugs are used, or needed, from day one of the treatment. In addition, the process of drug crime and abuse can now be resolved within an economical, constructive and practical A to Z strategy.