Arawak, Caribbean Tribe - Warning Fire from the Sky

Ages ago, the Creator became impatient with all the evil in the world and decided to destroy it and create a new one. Looking around the Earth, the Creator could find only one righteous family that deserved to live. Appearing to them one day, the Creator told them, "Go dig a large pit, cover it with logs, and pile sand over the top. After it is done, seal yourselves up inside the pit for protection."

The family recognized the ominous tone in the Creator's voice, so with- out any questions, they quickly began to dig the pit. Just as they finished sealing themselves inside, the Creator sent a terrible rain of fire and hail down from the sky to destroy the world.

Inside their pit, the ground shook so violently from the concussions that they were afraid the walls might collapse on them. Huddled in the middle of the pit, they heard the roaring and crackling of the fire as the forests around them burst into furious flames. The air in the pit rapidly grew warmer and warmer until it was almost too hot to breathe. The family began to fear that the pit was not deep enough to protect them, but soon, the noise stopped and the roof of the pit grew cooler to the touch.

After a while, the family came out to find a changed world. The fire had scorched the Earth as far as they could see in every direction, so that almost every living thing had been destroyed. Some animals and a few other People survived to rebuild the world.

RETOLD FROM BRETT - I880 From The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophe by Richard Firestone, Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith