Some Ancient Astronomically Related Knowledge Supporting the Existence of an Advanced Civilization

Cycle of Precession
Galactic Centre – The Arrow and the Scorpions Tail
Dendra Zodiac - Map of the Sky
Ancient World Maps - Precise in Latitude and Longitude
Megalithic Precision Construction - Weights up to 1250 tons - Pelagesians
Arrival of Domesticated Animals and Seeds c. 9,000 BC in one location.
Lunar calendar over the 18.6 year lunar cycle
Earths Dimensions
Dogon Tribe from the Southern Sahara - Detailed knowledge of Sirius B and Planets
Description of a black hole and composting at the Royal School or Ugarit – Ras Shamara
Druidic Colleges and Universities – Established in Britain before the Roman invasion

Enuma Anu and Enlil – Sumerian Encyclopaedia of Astronomy