the summoning of enoch - 6

Enoch does a service by listing the seven Archangels under the command of the ‘Lord of Spirits’, and by making a short comment on the functions which each one performed in the Garden in Eden. The Lord of Spirits, however, is not commented upon – and without the Sumerian record of Enlil, nothing would be known of this vital personality. Enoch states:

[EN XX: 1-4PP] These are the names of the Archangels who oversee [the other Angels]:

URIEL – who is in charge of the country about, and of Tartarus.

RAPHAEL – who is responsible for the health of men.

RAGUEL – who judges [perhaps monitors] the good behaviour of the Angels.

[EN XX:5 PP] MICHAEL – who is over each of the other Archangels, and is appointed to command the brave soldiers and, consequently, [is responsible for] the penal, volcanic areas.

[EN XX;6-8 PP] SARIEL – who is responsible for the fate of those angels who transgress [the laws].

GABRIEL - who is in charge of Paradise and is over the Serpents and the Cherubim.

REMIEL – whom the Lord made responsible for spreading abroad the instructions of the seven Archangels – the Council.

Paradise was a synonym for the Garden in Eden. In the Koran, and in the most leading religions, the term referred to an area in the Spiritual Regions in which Souls could enjoy a sojourn of peace and pleasure, before being returned to the round of transmigration. Gabri-el was in charge of the Garden of Eden; but this post was not in conflict with that of the Lord of Spirits; Uriel was in charge of the country round about the Garden, and of the Lowlands – and the Lord of Spirits was over them both.

From The Shining Ones by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien