the summoning of enoch - 5

[EN LX:21 PP] When the water is required from the Reservoir, the angels responsible come and open the sluice and let the water out. And when it has dispersed (as irrigation) over all the fields, it soaks into the ground.

[EN LX:22-23 PP] For these waters are for the benefit of those who live off the land; they are irrigation for the land, sanctioned by the Most High [Anu] who lives in the Heavens. Therefore, there has to be a measure of the rainfall, and the angels are responsible for keeping a record of the rain-gauge. These things I saw around the Garden of Eden.

Enoch was certainly aware that there was a Reservoir available for supplying irrigation to the plantations. A third passage on angel activities in the Garden involved measurement of a different kind.

[EN LXI:1-2 VB] And I saw in those days how long cords were given to the Angels, and they took themselves wings and flew, and went towards the north. And I asked an Angel, saying unto him: ‘Why have these taken cords and gone off?’ And he said to me: ‘They have gone to measure.’

A natural paraphrase reads:

[EN LXI: 1-2 PP] Then, I saw how long measuring-tapes were give to some of the angels, and they hurried off towards the north. So I asked an angel who was there, why the others had taken tapes and gone away, and he replied: ‘They have gone to make a survey.’

[EN LXI:1-2 VB] And I saw in those days how long cords were given to Angels.

The reference to measuring in relation to surveying is a homely one for the senior author. While surveying in the high country of South Iran, he was often asked by curious tribesmen what he was doing with his plane-table, his range-finder and his linen tapes. The only answer that could be reasonably given to one who had no concept of mapping, was: ‘I am measuring.’

From The Shining Ones by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien