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Our research, which we would like to share with you, centres on the scholarship of Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien. We feature below the O'Brien books in order of their publication dates, and continue to add scholarship from around the world, which supports and enlarges upon their basic thesis. Travelling with their road map of history and time has proved very rewarding, and we continue with their quest for knowledge which supports belief.


Christian O'Brien retired in 1970 from an exceptional career as an exploration geologist, reaching the position of head of the oil operating companies in Iran at the time of the Shah. In an attempt to disprove ley lines, he began to carry out detailed surveys of standing stones, mounds and other ancient structures near his home in North Essex. Far from disproving them, in one survey he found precise megalithic mile measurements repeated across the landscape for 26 megalithic miles, leading to his discovery of the slightly curved Line A between Hatfield Forest and Wandlebury. The curve allowed precisely for the curvature of the Earth, proving the existence of Loxadrome astronomy angled to the Earth's Meridian. This enabled precise observations and calculations on the timing and movements of the orbits of planets, stars and comets. This line proved the existence of knowledge of the Earths dimensions around 2,500 BC. His search for the technically advanced ancient builders of such structures followed this discovery. He started lecturing on his findings in London in 1974, bringing into these lectures the knowledge he was accumulating on the origins of the architect surveyors from the Land of Canaan and Sumeria, who came to Britain.


O'Brien books in order of publication date

An Integrated Astonomical Complex of Earthworks at Wandlebury and Hatfield Forest fom the Third Millenium BC
Authors: Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien

This treatise is the record of five years of field-work and computation carried out over the whole of East Anglia and its border areas to the west. As a study of possible astronomical alignments of great antiquity, marked on the ground by monoliths and earthen mounds, it has had to use many disciplines - archaeology, astronomy, geology, mathematics, geodesy and tertiary surveying.

Wandlebury Enigma Solved

The Megalithic Odyssey
Authors: Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien

The Pyramids - The massive earthworks of Avebury and Silbury Hill - The first stages of Stonehenge - The early Mesopotamian ziggurats - The sophisticated cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus Valley…

All these immense structures were constructed over a span of only two centuries in an unprecedented period of precision building that suddenly flowered from primitive peasant cultures.

How can this sudden intellectual and imaginative leap be explained? This pioneering and controversial book persuasively argues for the appearance in prehistory of an advanced elite, a race of master builders, who traveled the world guiding and directing indigenous populations with godlike assurance.

The Genius Of The Few
Authors: Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien

First published in 1985 this remarkable book has stood both the test of time and peer review, to become a classic amongst specialists in the human origin and history.

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The Genius of The Few
Quality Hardcover

by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien
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The Path of Light
2007 (1996 five private copies)
Author: Christian O'Brien

Christian O’Brien’s translations of the Askew and Bruce Codices, 2nd century AD Egyptian Coptic copies of original documents recording the spoken words of Jesus of Nazareth, presented within the text of The Path of Light, provide authoritative and detailed support of the existence and journeys of the soul.

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by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien
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The Shining Ones
Authors: Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien

This book includes all the material contained within The Genius of the Few, but adds a great deal more information on the unfolding diaspora of the Shining Ones from the Southern Lebanon site around the world, their advanced technology and their influence over the next 8,000 years.

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by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien
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Eastern Odyssey - Experiences of a young geologist
Author: Christian O'Brien
Introduced by his wife Barbara Joy O'Brien

Christian O'Brien wrote fascinating letters. He re-created with a sure choice of words his immediate situation, so that his correspondent felt with him, despite the separation of time. The Eastern Odyssey is a compilation of his letters home to his mother, from a young man straight from Christ's College, Cambridge, who was taken on by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now British Petroleum, as a geologist in 1936. Enthusiastic and keen to do his best in his first challenging job, exploring for oil in the wastes of Southern Iran, these letters and linked photographs from the BP archives, provide a fascinating insight into the mind and background of an extraordinarily competent and successful man.

Audio interview with Barbara Joy O'Brien

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