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Below are a few example pictures from our recent field trip to the Lebanon. To explore our photographic evidence in greater detail please open our


Within the gallery you will find extensive images of the temples in and around Baalbek, The Beirut National Museum, one of the world's two largest cut stone's still in the quarry weighing in excess of 1000 tonnes.


By the end of April 2010 we hope to have sorted the image's and video for The Garden of Eden.


Image investigation, should you wish to explore a larger version of any image within the galleries, please make a note of the image gallery & number which is displayed below the picture (bottom left corner), and we will be happy to help. Email contact form.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE - The images provided in the galleries for Baalbek, Beirut and The Garden of Eden are the copyright of Skyshot Media.



We have made linking to our photo galleries very easy because we have experienced numerous problems with website's hot linking to our images, this increases our bandwidth which has to be paid for and is classed as internet theft.


So if you would like to use our images or you have embedded the slideshow below on your website please contact us and we will add a web link back to you.