The Golden Age Project
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Survey Area


Survey Area 1: Watercourse and Associated Features

Survey Area 2: Dam and Reservoir in the valley east of Kfar Qouf

Survey Area 3: Structural Features in and around Kfar Qouq

Survey Area 4: Springheads, aqueduct fed ponds, and natural lakes

Survey Area 5: Irrigated Fields, Orchards, and Irrigation Channels

Survey Area 6: Structural Features in the Wider Area, including Aiha

Survey Area 7: Quarry Sources for Ancient Stones

Survey Area 8: Wadi-n-Neirab - Storm Water Overflow

Survey Area 9: Access Routes from Hermon, Beqaa and Lowlands

Survey Area 10: Identify sites for taking sediment core samples

Survey Area 11: Identify recent volcanically active areas.

Survey Area 12: Features and dating of local agricultural terracing

Survey Area 13: Residual vegetation and plant remains over area

Survey Area 14: Evidence of the area being fenced or walled

Survey Area 15: Temples and cave structures on Mt Hermon


Overhead Images of Survey Areas 1 - 5


Overhead of Great Watercourse. SA 1


Looking East up the Watercourse to the Dam. SA 1


Looking Back to the Dam. SA 1


Siting of the Dam Wall in the Valley below Kfar Qouf. SA 2


Site of Building of Knowledge - Kfar Qouq. SA 3


Circular Features on the High Ground West of Kfar Qouf. SA 3


Springheads, Aqueduct Fed Ponds and Natural Lakes. SA 4


Looking north down into the Basin from Rachaiya. SA 5