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by Aieolo and Dene. Academic Press.

Pigmy Kitabu (Bible)
by Jean Pierre Hallet.


The Science of the Gods
by David Ash and Peter Hewitt.

Origins of Isreal and Mankind
by Brendan Stannard, Pub. by Lancaster: Carib Publi. Co. 1983.

Sumer-Aryan Dicitonary
by Laurence Waddell. Bantam Press, KA27 8SB, Scotland.

In Search of Neandertal
by Chris Stringer. Natural History Museum.

Ever since the first discovery of their bones, the Neanderthals have provoked controversy. Who were they? How were they related to modern people? What caused their disappearance 35,000 years ago? The Neanderthals have become the archetype of all that is primitive. But what is their true story?


The Fossil Trail
by Peter Tattersall. American Museum of Natural History.

Chinese Myths
by Anne Birrell.

Myths were regarded with great scepticism by classical Chinese scholars and remained primarily a diffuse and fragmentary oral tradition, eventually preserved in writing only in a peacemeal fashion. Many of the classical texts were unavailable in translation and the stories have therefore been unknown to western readers. Anne Birrell has translated representative narratives drawn from over 1000 classical texts in her work on various aspects of Chinese mythology, and here she introduces a selection of them to the general reader. They are organized by theme and motifs to help set them in the context of mythology the world over.


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