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We can estimate that 7 major collision cycles occurred over the past 10,000 years and we shall attempt now to trace these events, worldwide, through recorded history. Table E2 lists the events we shall now proceed to explain.

11,500BC Giant comet breaks up near Jupiter
10,000BC Collision of a comet: warm pulse
8,500BC Second collision of comet: ice age ends
7,000BC Bunched collision epoch
5,000BC Bunched collision epoch
Rice and millet cultivation in China
4,000BC Bunched collision
Discovery of copper smelting
2,500BC Bunched collision
Collapse of Mohenjo-daro
End of Old Egyptian Kingdom
Pyramid building
1,000BC Bunched collisions
Destruction of Jericho
Homeric legends begin?
500AD Bunched collisions
Collapse of the Roman Empire
Hun rebellion in India
2,000AD New Era Begins??

The rise and falls of civilisations, the ascendancy and decline of empires, that punctuate human history over the last 10,000 years,

Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramsinghe

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