Cambridge Black Hole
Published - Daily Mail on Tues. 27th July 2004

In the light of Professor Stephen Hawking announcements on a clearer understanding on the subject of Black Holes, I have reproduced below an extract from what are commonly known as the Ugar'it or Ras Shamra cuneiform tablets, which date to before 1,400 BC. It is from one of a series of ten letters from one having responsibility in the Sar-Ma'an Brotherhood to the Prince of the Land of the Four Directions at the Royal School of Ugarit, being an aspirant to the brotherhood. This item relates to instructions on astronomy from tutor to pupil at a superb pre Christian university.

And we are told that the stars without number that we see in the heavens, each one the progeny, the inhabitants of heaven, will in their turn populate the heavens, to time without end. So the story goes than when a sun or star dies, it goes forth in a piercing flash of light after compressing upon itself until it can press no more, and flies apart in a myriad of particles, each part finding itself a space wherein it can gather from the heavenly soil nourishment for its growth, and in due course make itself a world as our lord Shemesh has done.

Further information is available to both Cambridge scientists and archaeologists from The Phoenician Letters by Wilfred Davis and G.Zur 1979 Mowat Publishing.

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