Edmund Marriage speaking to the
West Wales Dowsers at Carmarthen

On the 24th November the West Wales Dowsers heard Edmund Marriage give a talk with slides at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel in Carmarthen on the research and translation of ancient documents by Christian O’Brien. He expanded on the O’Brien thesis, that our ancestor gods were real people, who restarted agriculture and civilisation around 8,500 BC after a global catastrophe, at a site in the mountains of Southern Lebanon, near Mount Hermon.

O’Brien, who died in 2001 aged 86, co-authored with his wife Barbara Joy The Genius of the Few and The Shining Ones. Their research provides new evidence of our ancient history, based on a more realistic and down to earth alternative translation of the Genesis text, supported by other important ancient documents and new research.

The Garden of Eden can be seen as an irrigated agricultural and horticultural enclosure for a small advanced group of people, described as the bright or shining ones (Elohim) in the planted highlands (ha’shemim), as opposed to the religious concept of God in Heaven.

O’Brien supports this interpretation of the Genesis texts, with the detailed account of the activities of the archangels, angels and watchers from within the Books of Enoch. The record is confirmed by his translation of the Sumerian Kharsag (head enclosure) Creation Epics, which were recorded in cuneiform (wedged shape lines) on clay tablets, at least 2,000 years before the Hebrew books were compiled.

The Sumerian clay tablets, revealing and confirming the creation accounts of Enoch and the authors of Genesis in great detail, were discovered by an expedition from the University of Philadelphia in 1895/6 when excavating the remains of the Nippur library, not far from modern Bagdad in Iraq. Nippur was the cultural centre of the Sumerian civilisation, which had reached a peak by 4,000 BC. This is confirmed by recent dating of the very large city (over 250 ha) of Uruk on the Euphrates to 4,500-3,250 BC.

Language scholars have now realised that the Sumerians had evolved over thousands of years in the wider area of what is called the Fertile Crescent, and that both Western and Eastern Semitic languages had evolved from the Sumerian language. Cuneiform letters from the Royal School of Ugarit help to confirm the 24 letter alphabet (Phoenician) as the speedy writing used by Enoch and taught in the kingship schools.

Edmund Marriage, quoting E.A. Spieser and Heidel, high lighted the fact that the relationship, in both detail and order, between the Sumerian/Babylonian Creation Epic and the early verses of Genesis are duly recognised by all informed students, no matter how orthodox their personal beliefs.

Edmund Marriage took us back through the last 10,000 years of the Holocene with the astrophysicists and scientists, who are revealing the massive environmental problems, which had to be faced by mankind, and the emerging civilisations, from the end of the last ice age.

Of primary importance are the dramatic rises in temperature occurring at 10,860 BC and 10,740 BC, which eventually gave rise to massive melt water discharges as ice dams burst. There was a steady rise in sea level from then of some 450 feet, peaking around 3,600 BC and drowning vast areas of land. This rise in sea level was stabilised for three relatively short periods when the earth suddenly became as cold as the minimum ice age temperatures.

More dramatic than the sea level rises, were the vertical movements of the earth’s crust, rebounding by as much as 1km where the thickest ice had melted. The crust also sank by as much as 4km in the less stable areas of the ocean, as the earth’s flexible skin of a rice pudding covering, adjusted to the stresses and changes in loading.

In addition there were impacts from cometary debris, and the effects of cometary dust, arriving at intervals of around 1,500 years. There were also bursts of cosmic radiation and sun spot activity together with exceptional volcanic activity, earth quakes and massive tsumani waves.

It is now believed that the mass extinction’s of large mammals around 10,800 BC was part of a much greater global catastrophe involving the permanent loss of a large proportion of the earth’s atmosphere.

There is now solid scientific evidence of the collapse of very successful global trading Bronze Age civilisations around 2,350 BC, as result of cometary debris entering the atmosphere and exploding with the power of many hydrogen bombs, together with associated catastrophic changes in climate. Megalithic structures and megarons are now seen to have been built with a primary purpose as refuges from a hostile environment, although they would have been intended with high labour inputs to serve many other uses over time.

The Egyptian priest Sonchis at Sais giving knowledge of the past to the Greek leader Solon in 594 BC talks of past catastrophes as follows:

a deviation of the bodies that revolve in heaven around the earth and a destruction, occurring at long intervals of things on earth by a great conflagration and once more after the usual period of years, the torrents from heaven swept down like a pestilence, leaving only the rude and unlettered among you.

Edmund Marriage also presented evidence that the Shining Ones had great knowledge of astronomy and had not only accurately mapped the stars and planets, but had also accurately surveyed and mapped the whole earth, demonstrating precise knowledge of both latitude and longitude. They were aware of the 25,900 year cycle of Equinoctial Precession and the location of the Galactic Centre.

Christian O’Brien used his professional surveying skills to accurately measure ancient sites and megalithic structures to verify the work of other specialists who made earlier claims of advanced mathematical knowledge. He has produced the proof of the use of a standard unit of measurement based on the Golden Ratio used throughout the world from Jericho (8,500 BC) to the Mayan temples (700 AD)
Edmund Marriage linked this standard measuring rod and rolled measuring tape, displayed in many of the Sumerian and Akkadian alabaster reliefs, to the later symbols of authority and rule, such as scepters, maces, gold rings and crowns.

Both Plato and the Chinese historian Lao Tzu support the O’Brien thesis when they refer with great respect to the good behaviour and great achievements of the gods and ancient masters.

Cultural links and myths around the world relate back to this same group. However many names are used. They are called the Elohim, the Bright or Shining Ones, Archangels, Angels, Serpents, Feathered Serpents, Abgal, Abkarlu, Anannage, Anannuki, Richis, Neteru, Diewos, Genii, Ancient Masters, Seven Sages and Gods.

On a more personal basis the key figure is called An, Anu, Baal, The Great Lord, Manu, Manitu, Noah, and Yahweh Elohim, which means leader of the Shining Ones. In the Sumerian texts Anu and his son Hadad (Greek Jupiter) are supported by Enlil and Ninkharsag and their son Enki.

Ninkharsag was the sole female member of the original group at Kharsag (Eden) and led the scientific research. Women had total equality with men. Yahweh and Ashera were terms used throughout Caananite region to signify the leader and his wife of each organised community up to the time of Moses.

Of real importance in this lecture was the way in which a whole range of disciplines and avenues of research can contribute to clarifying the complex story of our history.

In agriculture, the very accurate dating of seed grains and pollen, and the knowledge of genetic make up within domesticated crops, have allowed our scientists trace and date the origins and spread of farming. They have recently established that the mode of domestication of the founder and other important crops was based on genetic knowledge.

The conclusions suggest that the Shining Ones were more technologically advanced than modern man, supporting both the O’Brien thesis, and the biblical story of diffusion.

This was a very interesting and well-supported talk. For those of you who missed this one, Edmund will be back again to speak to the Towy Valley Association at Llandovery on 3rd July at 8.00pm. Contact Anthony Williams on 01550 720178.

For further information and details of appearances, you can contact Edmund Marriage direct on 01935 816944, or write to him at The Patrick Foundation, PO Box 72, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 6YG.

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