learning from history part 10

by: Edmund Marriage

Whilst we unreservedly recommend The Genius of the Few as a starting point and an easy read for all students on the origins of civilisation and agriculture from the ancient texts, The Shining Ones represents a more complex 752 page major compilation of evidence to support the full O'Brien research thesis. A thesis which describes the re-start of civilisation and agriculture following global catastrophe c. 9,300 BC.

This presentation by Edmund Marriage provides the summary of evidence, which makes the case for the Garden of Eden being located in the Rachaiya Basin in Southern Lebanon. Our November 2009 site survey, undertaken by Karl Guildford and Paul Bedson, has provided photographs, film and knowledge of features, which further confirms the research thesis of Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien in their book the The Genius of the Few.

Other supporting evidence is provided within the other Learning From History Presentations, which can be viewed on this website. We seek input from specialists to prove or disprove our conclusions.