• AD 386-430 - The Pelagian heresy originated by Morgan or Morien, 20th Abbot of Bangor, being in truth nothing else than a revival of Druidism, and the old Druidic ideas with regard to the nature and freewill of man. Because of his principles and the hostility towards them from those more closely linked to the new religion of Rome, he resigned from Bangor and was sent by a synod at Winchester, and went abroad to take on these issues direct with the church authorities in Rome, as well as Africa, and Jerusalem, finally returning to die in his native land after the most eloquent, exemplary and authoritive attempt to preserve the principle of freewill, mankind's primary requirement. Pelagius, his Roman name, was born on the same day as his principle opponent on this critical issue, Augustine of Hippo, Nov. 13, AD 354. Augustine successfully promoted the Catholic principle of original sin and divine grace, over freewill, and was killed by Arian Christian Vandals in North Africa.

  • It is memorable that Pelagius, when 20th Abbot of Bangor, on receiving an admonition from the bishops of Gaul and Italy, - the Bishop of Rome included - on the latitudinarian nature of his principles, returned it with the observation: - Sola in Britannia Ecclesia Britannica jude - Only in Britain is the British Church judged.