Enlil in the Phoenican Letters
By Lishtar

The chapter on Enlil in "The Phoenician Letters" is of paramount importance to us, because in it is celebrated the mystery of the Word as lived by our Soul Ancestors. But the Word that the text speaks about is the Holy Word that is born from Silence and that brings with it Change and is Unstoppable for those who listen to its Calling. I quote:

"Listen to it in your chamber in the silent watches of your prayer. Let it declare unto you its message. Try not to make its way either clear or difficult. Indeed, better were it for you to leave it alone for your mind in wisdom to follow it. There is no other time to hear it but now, for what you have seen or understood has presently gone. Only now may be it heard, only now may it be spoken, and only now, by him, the voice of the air and the fire.

"We have been given a description for the simple mind to observe. " As a darkened chamber in the high desert when all is still before the dawn. That word, too fast to be followed, too slow to be comprehended, so powerful to shake even the depths, so gentle and immoveable, both speaker and listener, cause and end. Who understands it understands nothing, who declares its likeness lies; who knows it is ignorant; who does not know it is ignorant. He who knows it as his centre lies, who does not know it as his centre is mistaken, for it is high noon in the busy city.

Remember your instruction in the word, neglect not the word in the midst of affairs. Do not forget the instruction, for there is no other time."

This is one of the most beautiful descriptions of meditation and inner work in world religion to my knowledge, on a par with the one found in the Corpus Hermeticum, "the voice that claimed out of a sleep that was not dreaming". Consequently, the gift of Enlil´s Sacred Word is Wisdom, and lets turn to the words of the Phoenician Letters again:

" Now wisdom is the gift of Enlil, it is the embodiment of the word. It has the attribute of freedom. It does not modify; it creates, it has the quality of inspiration. It is discovery of possibility. .... His will is His word. There is no duality, for the voice of the master sets the worlds in motion. His will is such that it penetrates to the length and the breadth and the depth and the height and to the ten directions. Where His word is, there is His will, gently penetrating with greatest force and power, no more than is needed and no less. Without effort. Nothing can halt it, Nought delay it. His will is manifested in all the nights and days of the worlds. He calls them by their names and they answer each in his place and his time and his body whether they be seen or unseen, greater or lesser. He is the penetrator, the least action for the move. How much greater, then is the power of Enlil: He speaks and worlds come into being, His voice sounds and they pass away as though they had never been."

Thus, we reach the point where we should explore one of Enlil´s main gifts, which, nevertheless, is Unspoken because it is Manifested wherever His Will rules: empowerment, the foundation of king/queenship or "enlilship".

On the whole, the gifts brought by Enlil are: Divine Energy, Consciousness, Realisation, Inspiration and Empowerment, which can acquire Form, or the physical manifestation of will, thoughts and acts in all worlds. Thus, we move towards Enki, Enlil´s younger favorite brother. The link between both is also sealed by the Tablets of Destiny, the laws of the land, which were kept first by Enlil, and then passed on to Enki, who bestowed them to his favorite niece Inanna.