the summoning of enoch - 2

From this account, and from later revelations, it is probable that the Partiarchal family was living in the Lowlands of the Jordan Valley, possible around the Sea of Chinnereth (Galilee); and that Enoch was to be taken up to the high country of the Anti Lebanon (the Highlands) – to the Settlement of the Shining Ones (Elohim or Anannage) which Charles refers to as Heaven (from the Greek – paradeisos).

That Enoch’s destination was on Earth, and not some nebulous place in the Spiritual Regions, is clearly indicated by the instruction that no one was to go looking for him! Years later, Methusaleh did go looking for him – to tell Enoch of the birth of Noah – and Methusaleh walked or, at best, rode on a donkey; and the journey would have taken him at least a week. Enoch covered the distance in a twinkling with the help of the ‘two men’.

[SE III:1 PP] When I had spoken to my sons, the men called me. They lifted me up and placed me on what seemed to be a cloud, and this cloud moved; and going upwards I could see the sky around and, still higher, I seemed to be in Space. Eventually, we landed on the First Haven and, there they showed me a very great sea, much bigger than the inland sea where I lived.

Elsewhere – in parallel texts – the ‘First Haven’ is described as a ‘treasury of snow and ice, and clouds and dew’; and from it Enoch could see a wide panorama of lands and sea, and rivers. From a later context, the landing place can be identified as Mount Hermon, and the ‘very great sea’ as the Mediterranean. The latter would certainly contrast with Chinnereth (Galilee) – one of the lakes in the Rift Valley of the River Jordan.
The use of the term ‘Space’ is justified because of the Greek word, used, was ether – an old term for the regions just above the Earth’s atmosphere – though it is to be doubted whether Enoch traveled as high as that on his relatively short journey to Hermon.

From The Shining Ones by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien