Charles Berlitz writes of strange illustrations on the walls of the temple at Denderah which appear to be:

…five-foot (1.5 metres) light bulbs, each one with an clongated ‘serpent’ filament inside, held up by high-tension insulators and attached to braided cables which in turn are connected to a transformer. The overwhelming majority of Egyptologists interpret these apparent bulbs as ‘lotus offerings’, ‘snake stones’, or ‘cult offerings’.

How the ancient Egyptians managed to illuminate their subterranean chambers sufficiently to carry out some to the intricate artwork contained there has never been satisfactorily explained, however. Torches or lamps would have left tell-tale signs on the walls and ceilings, but there are none. Another theory is that it was executed with a series of mirrors. But surely, by the time the reflected light reached deep into the cavernous depths of some of these ancient structures, it would have diminished to such an extent as to render the execution of fine artistic detail almost impossible. And so the mystery remains.

From Atlantis – Myth or Reality by Murry Hope


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