In Nu Sun Gunnar Thompson documents Chinese voyages to the Americas in ships like this ancestor to the sea-going junk. Chinese emperors, three centuries before Christ, had regularly sent out expeditions to the “land below the eastern horizon”. They were sent to discover the mountain paradise where the drug that could prevent death with illusion of immortality could be found. The drug was known to be a hallucinogenic mushroom, known only in the eastern barrier to the great ocean. The Shih Chi, oldest of the known and un-destroyed dynastic histories records these voyages, but doesn’t say if they were successful. In the Americas, descendants of the Mayans, the Mazatecs of the state of Oaxaca, still use he psylosibic mushroom, also known as The Divine Mushroom of Immortality. One of the last of the legendary curanderos (shaman-priests), Maria Sabina, died only recently at the age of ninety-two.

From Atlantis in America – Navigators of the Ancient World by Ivar Zapp and George Ericson


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