Sculptured stone relief of one of the Elohim (ab-kar-lu) from the principle room of the Khorsabad palace of Sargon 2nd – 720 BC

Gen 1:25 – English translation from the Jerusalem Bible – God made every kind of wild beast, every cattle and every kind of reptile. God saw that it was good.
Gen 1:25
– Modern, critical interpretation of the earliest Hebrew Text and an Alternative Genesis – The Elohim busied themselves with (cared for) all kinds of wildlife on the land and all kinds of domesticated animals which were plentiful on the ground. The Elohim took delight in them all.

This specific interpretational analysis is summarised as follows (O’Brien and O’Brien, 1997): The Elohim were not making animals, but caring for them and tending them, as all good farmers do.
Post script: Current genetic knowledge now recognises the application of advanced scientific knowledge and practice, in the domestication of wild plants and animals from around 9,000 BC, in what would appear from the evidence, to be a re-start of civilisation after major catastrophe.
In the current confrontational debate between creationists and evolutionists both parties need to address their misunderstandings of past events.