Natural Catastrophes During Bronze Age Civilisations:
Archaeological, geological, astronomical and cultural perspectives. A conference at Fitzwilliam College. Cambridge. 11th -13th July 1997 Organised by The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Extract: Benny Peiser then summarises a survey he has made of around 500 reports of late 3rd millennium BC civilisation collapse and climate change, which shows a significant clustering around 2300 BC. Most sites in Europe, the Middle East, India and China where civilisation collapsed at this time show clear signs of natural disasters and/or rapid abandonment, whilst around the world there is strong evidence of water-level and vegetation changes, glacier and desert expansion, seismic activity, floods and extinctions of animal species. He concludes that only extraterrestrial bodies acting on terrestrial systems could produce the range of glaciological, geological and archaeological features reported.