Trilithon at Baalbeck Lebanon

The massive foundation platform of Baal Hadad is like no other structure in the world. It is over 90 metres long and nearly 60 metres wide and stands some 10 metres proud of the underlying rock.

The Trilithon is composed of three stones each measuring 19 metres long x 4.2 metres wide x 3.6 metres broad. Hewn from natural crystalline limestone with a specific gravity of about 2.7, from a quarry 1 km mile away, they weigh 870 tons each.

They have been raised to a height of 10 metres and have been so accurately cut and placed that a razor's edge cannot be placed between them.

They have been laid upon a layer of 19 similar blocks weighing between 350 and 400 tons each.

A stone named the Stone of the South remains in the quarry measuring 21.3 x 4.9 x 4.3 metres and weighing 1,250 tons.

Local mythology says that the platform was built by Cain to hide from the wrath of God. It is also added that Cain met his death when his light chariot crashed into the side of Mount Hermon and he was buried there.

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Picture from the Wonders of the Past