Acropolis Restored - Athens

Dominating the Agora, which lay to the north-west of it, may be seen the Acropolis height with the statue of Athene Promachos, the roof of the Pantheon, and the Propylaea complex. In the foreground is the Agora or market place with the Stoa or Portico of Attalos on the left and the Stoa Poikile continuing the line; at the back of it is the Bouleuterion or Senate house and the Tholos, where certain high officials dined at the public expense. In front are the shrine and statue of Eirene and Ploutos, with the Bema or rostrum in the centre of the steps. The small eminence in the right distance is the Areiopagos, and the portico supported by figures is the Stoa of the Eponymoi, with the facade of the Metroon, or Temple of the Mother of the Gods, behind it.

From Wonders of the Past