The Gulf of Eilath on the Red Sea - Sinai

At the Gulf of Eilath the mountainous land of the desert of Sinai decends to the Red Sea from the West, and the mountains of Edom from the East. The towns of Eilath and Akaba lie on the great bay.

Here were the two biblical localities of Elath and Ezion-Geber, where the Isrealites halted their desert wanderings. This is the area of great copper deposits and mines, which date back into antiquity. Copper smelted here was exchanged for gold from Ophir by King Solomon (1 Kings 9:26 ff.).

This procedure would perhaps explain the secure isolated location above the Plain of Paran, on the rugged outcrop scaled by Sir Flinders Petri's expedition, where the production of white powder gold was based from the time of Sneferu, about 2,400 BC - see Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - Golden Age Project Comment.

From Yahweh's Land - Photographs and Text by Alfons Senfter