One of the questions that I am frequently being asked concerning Atlantean temple practices is what methods of healing did they employ? Were there hospitals for the sick and establishments for medical training? Was the treatment allopathic, homoeopathic or psychic/spiritual, or were other methods used? Once again we must separate psychic impression and past-life memories from facts, although the former may ultimately be proven correct. What we do know from Clement of Alexandria (AD 150) and Lamblichus (AD 363) is that certain antediluvian medial textbooks, which could have carried a strong Atlantean influence, contained the following information concerning the healing knowledge possessed in ancient Egypt. The healer priests, or ‘shrine bearers’, learned their medical arts from six different books, which were among forty-two works purportedly brought to Egypt by a different race of people before the Flood. These scrolls were shown to Iamblichus, who was informed that Thoth of Tehuti was their author. Some Egyptologists have suggested that the Papyrus Ebers may be a fraction of these lost works. Of the first thirty-six we need not concern ourselves, as they related mainly to priestly procedures, but those numbered 37-42 were titled as follows.

37. The Constitution of the Body
38. Diseases
39. Instruments
40. Drugs
41. Eyes
42. The Maladies of Women

Information gleaned from healing methods employed in places thought to be colonies of Atlantis would also tend to indicate that the Atlantean healer priests were well-versed in surgery, psychology and psychic healing. They understood the mind/body relationship and the need for this to be in balance in order for the individual to enjoy good health.

From Atlantis – Myth or Reality by Murry Hope