learning from history part 2

by: Edmund Marriage

Druidic Links from Eden/Kharsag to British Christianity

In studying the history of Jesus' mission in Palestine and the British Church, we find that the ancient Druidic high culture, which could be described as the Abrahamic faith, had survived almost intact with the descendents of the Indo-European farming peoples, who entered the British Isles from around 4,000 BC, led by the teachers and craftsmen of the God An.

The origins of our British Christian story is further confirmed by the Kharsag (head enclosure) Sumerian cuneiform texts, translated and published by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien in the The Genius of the Few. Our early British religious history centering on Joseph of Arimathea (ha Rama Theo) and Glastonbury, is well supported by the most prominent Vatican historians, Polidor Virgilo and Cardinal Ceasare Baronious (1hr 37mins)

Comment from: Verndewd - www.theruthlesstruth.com/wordpress
Very close to what my limited research has also uncovered; this is by far the most accurate logical deduction and most well rounded gathering of research that I have yet uncovered. And it really puts an interesting twist on the world as it stands today. Why is this information held at bay, why do the elite hide it and for what purpose is it obscured.