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Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is depicted here as astronomer Shamash on top of a diorite stele inscribed with the law codes attributed to King Hammurabi. As one of the Shining Ones otherwise known as the Elohim, Genii, Abkarlu or Gods, Shamash is passing the Ring and the Rod, key symbols of authority or rule, to the Mesopotamia King c 1792 BC.

Originally the Ring consisted of a rolled surveyors tape and the Rod was the standard unit of measurement used across the world from as early as 8,500 BC at Jericho to Mayan structures c. 700 AD. As tenant of the Gods, Hammurabi was in fact re-affirming the original common law edicts of Anu and Enlil. Steles were placed in public places declaring the primary legal basis for human rights eventually adopted in Hebraic laws.